Fluffy Concentrate Liquid Fabric Softener Conditioner, , 50 Washes, Aqua Desire, Fragrance Temptations 1L

$10.23 each $10.23 per litre


Do you dare to wear a scent so delectably desirable that you can barely resist taking a great big sniff of your clothes at inappropriate moments? A little discretion, please!

Aqua Desire - for those who can resist everything except temptation.

- Leaves clothes and fabrics feeling oh-so soft
- Long-lasting freshness... yes please!
- Keeps clothes looking newer for longer
- Makes ironing easier (thank us later)
- Reduces static cling so your laundry is as 'ex-static' as you are

Proudly Made in Australia with a recyclable bottle and cap.

Grey Water and Septic Tank Safe. Suitable for top loader and front loader washing machines.

The Fluffy Fragrance Temptations Aqua Desire Concentrated Liquid Fabric Softener Conditioner in 1L can be used for 50 Washes.

Directions for use:
Fill Cap as Shown (1/2 Cap)
In your Top Loader - Fluffy can be added to your machine's fabric softener conditioner dispensing unit or diluted and added to the final rinse.
In your Front Loader - Add Fluffy to your machine's fabric conditioner dispensing unit (often marked with a flower).

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool, dry area out of sunlight.

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